Suja Juice Digital Case Study

Working at Suja as the Associate Manager of Marketing Communications I worked across social and creative strategies to implement a refreshed content mix that resulted in huge growth for our social engagement. Allowing us to create more meaningful interactions with consumers and advance them in the funnel to purchase.


Instagram Analytics

Taking a deep dive into the Suja Consumer and current social performance I led the renovation and implementation of an all new social strategy for @lovesuja. Creating a content mix for both paid and organic social I increased metrics across the following:

+ 15% YOY in impressions

+ 18% YOY in Reach

+ 30% YOY in Comments

+5% YOY in Likes

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Visual Strategy Refresh

In part with the updated social strategy I worked with cross-functional teams at Suja to define the creative strategy and visual voice of Suja Juice. Understanding the roots of Suja as a brand I worked to push the boundaries and challenge assumptions in order to bring Suja’s content and visual voice into 2018.

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Implementing & Creating New Content Strategies

One of Suja’s biggest challenges was a dry content strategy that didn’t allow for much variation and therefore hurt their overall engagement across social. Working to deeply identify the Suja social follower and what they wanted to hear about from Suja I was able to build a strategy that functioned beyond the packaging to tell the story of Suja. In doing this Suja saw massive growth in engagement metrics, including their top engaged post of all time.

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