the creative process

the joy of freelancing, creating my own hours and working with a diverse set of clients is the ability to continuously refine my creative process and to find new ways of working that allow me to open my creativity and protect my client/artist relationship.

at it’s core this process is meant to provide you with the highest quality product with the lowest time investment from you and your team - after all you hire a freelance artist to cut down on your team’s time and energy not add to it. that being said - i welcome ways of working outside of my own and value openness and honesty from the first signed contract to the final delivery. so - if you read the remainder of this post and are worried that something won’t work with your team or structure - please reach out so we can adjust upfront and protect your final product. what my creative process looks like:

kick off call (or meeting, or brunch)

however we structure this I just want to understand what exactly you’re looking for and what approach I will need to take in order to reach your final goals. bringing any samples of previous work you loved or hated, mood-boards, inspo pics to this meeting is abundantly helpful.


after we chat about what your project looks like from a logistical standpoint i like to provide a moodboard. this moodboard governs the general color pallet and propping of your shoot. of course as we move through the process things may change but know that if we align on a generally yellow, spring toned moodboard your final images won’t be black and white or if our mood is all flat lays your shoot will not include models - that would be considered a separate product and incur a separate charge. so please! take your time to think over the mood and make sure that it feels right before we move full speed ahead.

alignment, quote, contract.

once we’ve aligned on our vibe and mood we will move through the formal stuff like quoting and contracting. your quote will include the price of set design, any models needed along with the work to set up, shoot and edit your shoot. additional work outside of scope will be discussed and billed separately. for your knowledge, no work will begin until a contract is signed and a 50% deposit is provided upfront.

shot list.

once all of that is done and dusted we get to the fun part. you are free to provide me with a specific shot list (i can provide you with a good template that gives me all the deets i need) or we can discuss and create one together. things to keep in mind during this step of the process:

  • what’s your final use occasion for the images: email, website, instagram, instagram story, ad sets?

  • what products do you need to feature and do they need to be shot in certain pairs or groups?

  • do you need a certain amount of laydowns vs. in the wild vs. live shots?

  • do you want a certain amount of shots to look like x (please provide example) vs. y?

from there I will take care of the planning shooting, editing etc. and deliver you a final product that we’re both STOKED about.

a few notes/disclaimers/post scripts

Due to the nature of how i work i unfortunately cannot provide NEF RAW images to my clients - unless discussed in the contract. With that being said the number of images you purchase = the number of images that will be delivered to you in high-resolution .JPG format. for larger shoots i may provide you with a contact sheet for you to choose selects from - this will be discussed during contracting.

If you feel that in any way I have missed the mark based on our previous communications (moodboard and shot list) please reach out so we can discuss where the communication breakdown was and how best to amend the product.