trends report : summer 2019


If you are a business owner, marketer, consumer, or just human being on the internet in 2019 – you are already aware that trends are constantly changing and your ability to keep up with them has a direct and measurable impact on whatever metrics you are currently tracking against.  

This summer while consumers headed to the beach, marketers were looking at ways to build brand authenticity and direct communication through micro-channels.  Here we’ve rounded up four marketing trends that have been especially pervasive this summer. 


The New Social  

While marketers have long acknowledged the necessity of tapping into a more human and inspiring tone of voice in content marketing – Hamid Ghanadan of Linus predicted that, 2019 would foster an even deeper understanding of human behavior that would demand more meaningful connection and inspiring content from brands.

Summer of 2019 on social certainly proved, Ghanadan correct.  Brands departed from the world of perfected curated feeds, agency created content and canned messaging in favor of a more human approach to social media.  

Using advanced tracking platforms, brands tapped into voices of micro-influencers to connect with their audience on a more one to one personal level.  For example. Brands like Buffy sent product to influencers like Maitreya Brooks, tapping into both the need for UGC and the unique personal relationship that Brooks cultivates with her small audience.

Pulling cues from micro-influencers brands also sought ways to speak more directly to their followers by creating private groups and accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

And probably, most noticeably to the naked eye, brands departed from beautiful + curated feeds to social content with personality including User Generated Content, Content that felt authentic and memes.


Experiential Marketing Leads

If micro-influencers are leading the charge on social – it certainly feels natural that brands would mobilize customers are brand ambassadors.  Utilizing tools like YotPo and BazaarVoice, marketers can ask customers and brand ambassadors to share info on a product on their own network – In the words of Loren Baker of Foundation Digital, “bypassing influencer marketing and empowering customers to do the talking.”

Similarly, brands worked to make their audiences apart of the brand story.  Reducing the friction of engagement, by creating brand experiences (think Refinery 29’s ,29 Rooms or Chosen Foods Avolution Fest) gives audiences a platform to become brand ambassadors without feeling the friction of sharing an explicit opinion.  Experiences whether digital or IRL give audiences the ability to create personal connections with brands while acting as brand ambassadors.


Drop + Collaboration Culture    

Marketers have long been taking note of the ‘Supreme’ and ‘Yeezy’ models of releasing a limited run of product to build buzz and drive prices through the roof. And while most of us aren’t in the market for ‘Supreme’ branded cash guns – summer 2019 saw brands across industries and niches adopting the model of collaboration and drop culture.

Brands from Nordstrom to Jeni’s Ice Cream, extended their influencer reationships by collaborating with the likes of:  Claudia Sulewski and Tyler the Creator.

Even Amazon got in on the action by launching their new e-commerce concept, Amazon The Drop, partnering with influencers to create limited edition 14 piece clothing lines.  These clothing lines drop at a moment’s notice and once they’re gone, they’re gone.  Customers can sign up for notifications via text.  


Gen Z Driving Content  

And the good news for millennials who have long been the butt of every joke – Gen Z is growing up, entering the workforce and beginning to use their buying power.  So now more than ever is the time to pay attention to Gen Z.  

While it’s difficult to make singular statements about any generation:  they seek authenticity and prefer socially responsible businesses.   Also they love memes.

But the good news is, we have a member of Gen Z on our team who will be rounding up everything you need to know about Gen Z.  

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